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A Prayer Different From All Others

A short welcoming introduction

The portal is devoted to work with your own Soul. You can find here both: practical and theoretical knowledge. I encourage everyone to work with over 4000 texts which are mainly: sets of affirmations, prayers, or affirmations decrees directed solely to God. As an educated, well-read person, I looked for general knowledge about world, wasting no time on studying its particular fragments. Only in this way I had a chance to learn, and now even to demonstrate, how everything, what God has created, is connected and blends together. Gaining this knowledge is not aimed at measuring and subordinating world, people, Souls, God, but it is aimed at demonstrating that our world, and all us living in it, are always and everywhere subjected go God’s Wisdom. Once I took part in a class on knowledge about Souls. When the teacher ended her prayer she said: “I’m waiting for your beautiful prayers which you will write”. Saying nothing I looked at other participants’ faces and I thought “ahh, for sure I will never pray like that”. A few years went by and time verified it.

Texts and prayers result from my Soul, whom I met again after many years of praying. They come from inside me, they come from my open heart.

I was taught that prayers need to be read for at least 90 following days to take at least partial effect. You can also write prayers yourself and record them, as I did.

The prayers are directed only to God, who gave life to all people and our Souls. In my prayers God has no divine helpers, helpers, gurus etc. I expect support only from God and I receive it. When I ask God for a gift, I receive gifts which really suprise me.

I suggest reading the page starting with the prayer entitled “My Soul doth magnify God” Link and with the article “Mistakes in the technique of prayer”. Other publications and prayers are aimed at sorting out the effects of prayers which were wrongly done in the past. Results appear very quickly if the request – a normal, short and simple prayer is made in a deep obeisance. Link

 Among other things, on this page You will find:

-prayers to the only God (prayers which are a bit different than all others)
-prayers aimed at healing your own Soul, which allow you to make contact with your Soul and get together well with her.
-prayers for women who are still single
-prayers, not to Angels, but rather helping you reveal your own angelic powers which we posses
-prayers for people involved in prostitution or military service
-memories from Tibet, also a bit different ones

Sometimes on my way I used hypnotic regression, and the knowledge about my past, which I was able to gain, is also partly described here. During my first session devoted to my karmic memory, I recalled that there was one person who was more important to me than God. It aroused a problem and a question about who is, or what is God, and if I am directing my prayers in the proper place? For a Hindu person god is a cow, a macaque monkey. Also some people mentioned in old legends, like Zeus, Astarte, Kybele are called gods. A god of love also used to walk the earth, he was called Apollo. There were also goddesses of love (to be exact they were goddesses of sex).

One sentence left by Edgar Cayce at the beginning of the 20th century was a great help for me. Cayce called God, normally as God. He sometimes used a different term “God or Creative Force”. I added the word “Love” and I am sure that nothing from the past or an incorrect name will misguide or lead astray me or anyone else.

After some time I and some other people started receiving information about astral beings who affect people and our Souls. These beings, Souls and energies who cannot be called the Creative Force, impersonate God or they proclaim that light flows onto people through them, not through people`s’ hearts. They are a group of so-called “astral gods” acting only from the astral level. Cayce clearly told apart the Creative Force from sources of destructive powers. On this page you can read about this important matter, which is not widely publicised in other resources..All my prayers serve this purpose – i.e. to understand the processes in which human Souls got involved in the past. The texts are also requests to God, to show us the proper way.
Dear reader, by reading the prayers proposed on the page, or by listening to their recordings, you can affect your own Soul. The way of spiritual progress through freeing yourself from the burdens of your Soul by means of prayers is significantly different than handwriting affirmations. Working with affirmations is a simple request to Your Soul (usually called as the subconscious mind), and persuading her to release some of her burdens step by step. In case of the prayers proposed by me, as well in case of the techniques of working with your Soul, the addressee of the prayer (i.e. God) is become recognized, and His divine answers, which are safe for us, appear on the material plan.

Because the Soul – sometimes lost, sometimes raging – made mistakes using powers which were available for her, and she abandoned God’s plan, we can – through such prayers – become aware, who really made the mistake (we or our Soul). We are potentially able to understand, that the guiltiness which we feel, is in fact a feeling of the Soul, not ours, not human.

In the texts published on this page, I suggest what can be done, to make a safe and easy contact with your own Soul, about which (i.e. the Soul) tends to be omitted by most people in their thoughts and actions. Working with prayers is working with your own Soul. Experiencing the prayers and their effects is understandable and clear for all who take part in it: for you, for your Soul, and for the loving God, who is the addresse of each prayer. On my way of developing my personality and my own Soul, I have chosen a complete liberation from the past, from all limitations, lacks of knowledge or delusions. I could have – as many people suggest – handwrite affirmations, each sentences 15 times a day for one month. I did something different. I wrote a number of affirmations which referred to similar subjects, and altogether they made a longer prayer. As the time was passing by, the number the prayers was increasing. Along with reading the texts, God and my Soul were asking me questions and sending me information about various unsettled matters and some of them were very unexpected.

Is this what your really want Sławomir? Is that how you see it? Is this what your desire? In this way I was asked about the vows of Bodhisattva when I didn’t have any money for the living. In this way I was asked when I worked out my guts for various purposes. I saw old outfits, people who I used to know, things such as different countries, lands, military or tibetan matters, which my Soul was very affectionate with, and she still kept such feelings in me, creating karma and condemning me to another sufferings.

No one has to pray or heal his/her energies in the way presented here. No one has to call God as God the Giver of Life, or God the Creative Force. I have no will in setting any requirements, imposing any procedures of cleansing your chakras, auric bodies, or healing your intentions.

Dear reader, when you understand how simple it is to pray together with your Soul, when you see its effectiveness you will be surprised that you didn’t know about it before.
The prayers are simple. God’s answers are also simple. It happens in this way, when we perceive ourselves and world from the perspective of an immortal Soul, not from the perspective of normal people.
I am grateful to all those, who contributed their work to create this portal. I also thank to Mrs Dorota Kielan and to all those who see human Souls and share this knowledge.

A technical information. Each published text was read by me several times to check its effects. Making changes or a literary expansion of the texts are made only at your own responsibility. Replacing the word “God” by other phrases, such as: the source, guru, Krishna, Vishnu is also only at your own wish. Using the texts published here you forfeit any claims against their authors.
If your are interested in a particular prayer it would be good to read it for 14 days hearing your own voice.
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Sławomir Majda