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A Prayer Different From All Others
Sci vias Domini (Learn the ways of Lord) – A prayer

I accept and forgive ourselves that we used to search the ways of Lord, while we didn’t know who this Lord was or where to find the Lord.

We accept that God is the one and only God, therefore nor me neither anyone else has to add to the word God such words as: deity, the Source, the Universe, Lord, Shekhinah, Ghuru, Asherah and not only them.

We accept that the word Lord does not necessarily mean the word God, because many deities of contemporary East and West are referred to as Lords, and among them there are: Lord Jesus, Lord Vishnu, Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna.

I have chosen the way leading to a random Lord, but the way leading us solely to God – the one and only God who gave us life and who gave other beings their lives.

God, please guide us in the straight path, the path of those who You always bless, not those who you are angry with nor those who are astray.

Written by Sławomir Majda 

Translated by Łukasz Szczęk [email protected].. If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us. Original article: Link.

Opublikowano: 24/01/2018
Autor: s_majda


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