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A Prayer Different From All Others
Cosmic Mothers of Gods – what does the ascetic dream of?

“Cosmic Mothers of Gods” is a story which explanins what the ascetics and celibtants dream of.

I have never been searching for any knownledge about Mothers of Gods. My knowledge has been emerging gradually and over the years its quality and pace have both improved. It also came with a stream of information which sometimes stunned me, and sometimes even made me feel sick on my stomach.
The first idea, completely unfamiliar to a Europan man, was the information that at present in India and in Nepal there are so many Mothers of Gods, that the people living there established a gradation for them, so amongst many there are:
-the State Mother of God
-Provincial Mothers of Gods
-District Mothers of Gods
-Municipal Mothers of Gods
It is worth remembering, that in other countries officially there are fewer of them. For example, at the moment in the Czech Republic there are only two of them working and only one in Germany. The ones with greater powers travel around the world in their pilgrimage, promoting spiritual actions.
Together with a group of my friends we wrote down a number of prayers and intentions in order to become free even from potential patterns and burdens, which could be present in us. Over the years a new piece of information about a new group of Mothers of Gods appeared, namely the Space Mothers of Gods.
I request not to laugh at this moment.

I will try to precisely present the idea served by the Space Mothers of Gods, and the salvation service which they carry out. For their salvation services are not aimed at the space void, but at the very specific group of people and their immortal Souls. We should remember, that thousands of people deal with aliens. Those people promote the idea that our civilization comes from the space, and that the aliens are already here.
Differently than above-mentioned physical Mothers of Gods, let’s call them Earthly Mothers of Gods or Regional Mothers of Gods, those space ones act only in the space, and they carry out their service as Souls. Therefore, a woman, whose Soul carries out such services, may not know about it.
It is worth spending a while to have a look at the beneficiaries of such actions. Most of them are sexually mature men, who resign from having sex with women. I don’t know if Space Mothers of Gods reach also to the gay societies.
By the way, let’s ask ourselves a question who apart from gays lives in unmarried state. First of all, these will be various monks, priests and monastics. These are the main groups which, not only in Asia, promote the worship of Mothers of Gods.
I guess that here in Europe every man has heard a priest exhorting others to turn not even to God, but rather to a Mother of God. Because, “she will hug you to her breasts”. Someone who does not understand the way people’s Souls act, runs away from the knowledge about the results of such exhortations.
An astetic and a male celibant, for half of their adult lives, are strongly pressed by scorching excess of carnal lust. For centuries women have signalized the lack of the possibility to release their sexual tension by crocheting, knitting various sweaters, as well as smoking cigarettes or cigars.
Ascetic men on the Soul level, found a way to partly realese their sexual tention by means of astral sex, in this case, by hugging breasts of Mothers of Gods and its results, which is promoted in thousands of temples.
Simply speaking, such service is practised in the world of Souls. The way it happens, looks more or less like that: after the ascetic gives the prearranged signal, a Soul of a women with bare breasts appears.
It’s shown in the first picture.
Below I present another photo, which fully shows the idea, to which the ascetic devotes his attention.
After the ceremony, the Soul of the vistting Space Mother of God goes to another ascetic, who needs her support and service.
The whole act of having time with the breasts of Mothers of Gods can be seen in case of priests and men praising given Mother of God, also in various temples. For each friendly and warm statement there is an instant reward from the heavens. In this way everyone is pleased:
The specators – who watch the act of meeting the priest with the deity and making the beneficiary happy.
The ascetic – because, as he promised, because he lives his life unamarried
and finally the Soul of Mother of God – that she is socially useful.
Neither of the parties see their mendacity.
Asceticism usually results from the surfeit of sex in the former incarnations of a given Soul.
Isn’t letting one man (his Soul) after another suck your breast on every single moment, a kind of prostituion?
Where does the idea of women labouring so much on a cosmic scale come from? Well, single women, similar to single men, also have their unfulfilled sexual needs.
If you look at prostitues and the effects of their actions, you will easily notice, that as time passes and such women get older, they have more professional skills, but the number of their customers decreases. Because of that, they start looking for new customers outside the area where they used to work efficiently. We need to ask ourselves a question: “What made a woman look for men willing to have sex (or at least a substitute of sex, like sucking her tits) with her out in space, while there are about 3,5 billions of men living on Earth at the moment. Why is the exploration of galaxies more important than living happily here and now, being pleased with a normal, everyday married life? For many years I have been working with women who have never practised prostitution. However, their Souls had gone through such experiences. Few people decided to let go the patterns of a Mother of God of various kind, rank or size. At the beginning I informed them that 2 years of intense work with this subject matter can let the person become free of such burdens coming from their past, affecting both: men and women. After reading some of my articles you can draw conclusions about the way of developing sexual skills, about the initiations given person came through and about the possible obstacles on the way to become free from the past. The idea of healing yourself and your Soul is one thing, but becoming free from the entanglement is another one.
We can sometimes watch unconsious women on TV or in movies , whose Souls have instilled such skills and condings. Then, their Souls fullfill themselves in the media,Link publicly and in front of the cameras, showing what and how they can do in this matter, to relieve sexual tension of various ascetics-celibants. Other results of patterns and behaviours of Mothers of Gods, whom many people do not relate to themselves, are discussed in the article: “Breastmilk of a Mother of God and breast cancer. Patterns of spiritual burdens.” Link Acting as a Space Mother of of God leads to many marriage problems and even marriage tragedies, but not earlier than in the next incarnations of a given Soul. They result from the fact that the ascetic cannot talk with a living woman because he has lived lonely or with people similar to him for a too long period of time. He’s only got astral visions, and his whole interaction with his female visitor is reduced to what is shown in the photo. Smililarly, a Mother of God carrying out her service for a very short time, does not get engaged in any discussion on philosophy, theatre, or about the nature of the universe. Besides, the ascetic’s mouth is busy during the meeting. So, she only does what her customer expects from her, and next she moves to a next one, who is hungry for her support.
When, after a number of incarnations the couple meets physically, for example at a disco, they both know how to carry out the service in the proper and efficient way. It also happens that they sometimes initiate marriages. But they lack of creative talks, as well as mutual understanding of each other. The reason is that they were connected by an illusion, not a true love. Each of them keeps their own thoughts far from everyday matters, and things happening here and now. Personal/mutual relationships continue to be full of incerasingly growing unsolved and unsolvable conflicts that are sort of like current hits that are inforced by the old ones ( meaning old conflicts).
The matter of mutual attracting such people by other interested ones is a different matter. As we can see in the illustration, it is the man who exclusively attracts such a woman, and this mechanism is introduced in their intimate relations later on. After the ascetic gets satisfied, he sends away the helpful woman, as if she they were in a brothel. He cannot act differently, and he does not see anything bad in it, as it has “always” happened in the same way.
Dear reader, if you got tired with the number of the matters mentioned in the articles, then you should know, that I have described just a small part of them. Souls see no need to have the same sex as their current earthly incarnations. The soul of a woman often shows herself and expresses as a man. Similarly, a Soul which has a male personality, can carry out the services of a Mother of God to other men and their Souls. You can meet many men with well arranged life, who are married, have kids, and their Souls are sure that they carry out their noble service in the spiritual area as female Mothers of Gods.
Sometimes good God allows, as it happens in Thailand ne masse, sex reassignments from males to females and vice versa. In this country the number of people who changed their sex is about 2 millions. Some men have silcone breast implants implanted but they keep their penis. Both: such pattern and the whole idea of changing sex aren’t anything new. Their Souls have learnt it somewhere.
The patterns and codigns of Mothers of Gods are more broadly discussed in several artciles:
1] “Courses, trainings how to become a goddess, and how to free yourself from it later on” ”Link
2] “God Mother in the antiquity” Link 


A related subject is described in the article: Marijuana and opium in human energies. Patterns of entanglements. Link 

Translated by Łukasz Szczęk
[email protected]

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