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A Prayer Different From All Others
I bow before God to thank him

I’ve forgiven myself, that I frequently used to bow my head before those among people, who are like lions, predatory, unconscious in their anger and agression.
I’ve forgiven myself, that I kneeled before saints and deities of times gone by, current and future, who announce themselves as such in all lands and all dimensions of reality.
From now on I always willingly bow my body before the only God and I entrust God my sincerest mind and all of my talents. 
I understand and accept, that on the waves of power of my prayers directed to God himself,
prayers for the highest nobleness of my actions and for purity of intentions,
God’s answers appear in my mind and in my life through the stream of grace, blessings and my permission to experience them creatively.
While me and my soul together with all of her incarnations, in characters as many as atoms in space, being just the way God brought them to life -bow before God to thank him.

Written by Sławomir Majda
Translated by Grażyna Kowalska
If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us.
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Opublikowano: 28/11/2019
Autor: s_majda


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