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A Prayer Different From All Others
Prostitutes with shaved heads.

The definition of the term used in the title of this article, in other words so called Bald Wh…e (later on referred to as BW), is the only one pejorative term used on this portal.

Hereby I apologize everyone who may feel insulted. I also apologize for such impropriety.

In order to understand well what this article is about, please google the term: “Renaissance portrait of female” or “Renesans portret kobiet” (as it’s written in Polish). The images you will see authentically come from the period of Renaissance and they show some women with bald foreheads. At that time being bald was both: in fashion and desired, at least by attractive women. It didn’t happen only in this specific period of time in the history of the world. At present, even beautiful actresses, singers, models Link for different specious reasons, get rid of their hair, which adorned their heads, to, among other reasons, protest against the way men perceive them, and they show themselves to public as bald women. It is suggest to familiarize yourself with the article: “A witch and her hat” Link as well as with the whole subject matter of letting go the vows of Amitabha Link, one of which encourages people’s Souls to condemn their own women incarnations, and to make women earnestly want to look like a man or even become a man.

This subject is worth a broader explanation, considering also the intentions, karma and the whole stench which follows the baldness – which is artificially caused by women themselves.
Let’s being with a related topic, i.e. shaving the pubic area. Today this thing is so generally obvious, that even Borat (from the movie Borat), who went to the USA from Kazakhstan, expressed his expectations in the matter of urgently seeking for a wife, by making a gesture which symbolizes shaving the pubic area (while he was trying to ask about the nearest brothel using his poor English).

I remember a lively discussion on one web spiritual portal, where the users, having told everything about dowsing and their own divinity, went on the subject of shaving the pubic area. They agreed, that some women are more willing to do it, and men aren’t, because it their family jewels get painfully jabbed during the whole process. For a few days, the whole group of people were mentioning current fashion, subject-related innovations and it lasted till the moment, when the issue was raised, that the karmic reason of shaving the pubic are mainly the pubic lice, so called – cuties, [Link]spread by prostitues and their customers. Such women shaved their pubic areas in order to show their customers, that their workshop is clean and tidy.

Historically speaking, shaving the pubic area, came to Europe from America along with an Italian disease (Italians call it Franca) i.e. syphilis. At that time sailors used brothels all over Europe, Asia, Africa, where they knew only hairy women, and so when they only saw depilated Indian women, they wanted to stay in this heaven forever. 

Syphilis caused also a different, more practical, fashion to appear. Well, it was an incurable disease, with effects similar to leprosy, which caused flesh to rot and body parts to fall off, so in order to camouflage the signs of the disease, people started to promote powdering not only of the face, but also of the pubic area, what, in such sanitary conditions, would make sense only on a commercial level. It is possible, that here, and not only in inclinations to have sex with animals, lies the reason why some vaginas, how to say it delicately…. stink. Link

Coming back to the point, i.e. the bald woman’s head. Some time may pass before you will see such a burden present in yourself or in someone else. Take this time to work with the thematic intentions and prayers.
Every Soul, every being and also me, can have such a burden. Therefore, this text is not meant to laugh at anyone’s pattern, but to find it out and define it, in order to give it to God. I have been working with the subject matter of karmic prostitution for 12 years. But the pattern of BW was shown to me on purpose, on a slag woman’s Soul – an acquaintance of mine – who practised all kinds of deviations, among others, homosexuality, zoophilia, sociopathy and not only that. She wished to manifest and determine herself, just like the international prototype kilogram or prototype meter stored in Sèvres, near Paris.

For many years I have been defining various burdens and codings into intentions, but that what she presented herself, was beyond my imagination.There is also no definition in the professional literature. This pattern has its own name, and it is precise. We could use substitutes or synonyms of it, but only using the original name brings out the essence of this phenomenon and its whole odium. An alternative synonym may be for example: “a bald shaved head prostitute” , “hairless…” or even “a bald prostitute”. However, this phenomenon regarding the S O U L (less often regarding a given person) is defined specifically as:

“Bald Whore”

Browsing such a “term” in Google Images shows, that Internet users also know this phenomenon very well. Since this pattern was defined, I have been adding it to almost every intention. It is good to use the term BW even towards the potential patterns of own burdens, without waiting till the Soul reveals it by herself.
Seeing own patterns, can be very painful, especially in case of women. Becoming aware of the prostitute’s karma is a difficult experience in itself, but among other prostitutes, BW is the one from the highest level.

Every whole being, Soul, human, regardless their sex, should experience their sexuality on identical rules, mainly to be satisfied with this level of their existence, and at the same time should not block themselves or anyone else. By looking at people or animals, we can see that both males and females of different species have similar genitals. Over the years, or in the next incarnations, the sexual skills of an individual are similar or identical as the sexual skills of the others.

Let’s introduce a bit, what BW is all about, as the reasons are always individual. There appears a woman/her Soul who, voluntarily, of her good will, or unconsciously shaved her head, and all her body hair for sexual purposes, or she had her head shaved by someone else. In this case, it was done inclusively to stigmatize her tendencies and attributes. This is the way a given Soul appears, as a totally bald woman, with exuberant sexual needs or sexual expectation beyond measure. Here I omit gays with similar tendencies.

Shaving one’s head can take place, after a life full of celibacy, resignations, after many years without a chance to hug a women, or just someone with a hairy chest (men). Shaving one’s head as BW is then intended to fulfill the natural needs of a given being. Maybe it is unconscious and intoxicated but this may happen when someone finally breaks free from celibacy …

Therefore, we should also bow low before those who inspired to asceticism and celibacy, any promoters of all, so called, shortcuts to God.

We don’t necessarily need to look for BW only among present female ascetics, respectable widows, nuns. Such desire may be also expressed by a Soul of a married woman, especially if she’s unloved, unloving or underappreciated. It can be also a woman, who has sex with no fulfillment, with no orgasm or not with the specific man/woman/animal she wants to, or who because of lack of orgasm thinks only about different deviations.

Many women die to become exactly like that in the next incarnations of their Souls. This is the aim, and also respectively the reason, of death of many ascetic women, women with no orgasms in sex. If we browse the statistics on the reasons of cancer of women, on the spiritual level, then the sexual unfulfillment may occur as the dominating reason.
Apart from the abortions, of course. We live in a world, where everything carries a hidden message. Even things like: filling yourself or someone with deity, biotherapy, reiki, pyramids, all saints may not be what or who they are believed to be. And in that respect, what could be said about a woman, who renounces, amongst other things, her beautiful, adorning hair on her head?

Let’s read about Spartan women who shaved their heads before their wedding night, and let’s look at young “bald” women in the streets, who desire to look like a shaved army recruit. Link There’s no way to tell or demonstrate to a bald shaved buddhist nun that she has her own burdens related to sex, as she has never had sex. But what about her Soul, and other incarnations’ actions? We can suppose, that such a shaved person (of both sexes), will experience many obstacles and sufferings. We should remember that demand for women shaved in various ways is sporadic. As we all know from literary descriptions, the client pays the prostitute and next he disappears. The intimate relations of all other shaved women look the same.

I cannot say a word how all those matters are related to African women living in the equator, or on the Sahara desert. They explain it by sanitation, lack of water etc. However, Hindu women who lived in a similar climate for centuries, have started shaving their heads for the purposes of monasteries and as repentance. We can suppose that the burdens and patterns of BW are in every place, where the whole crowds of people in city markets or on farmlands tell, or even announce from the roof of their houses, that a given woman is virtuous, that SHE is a noble virgin. Maybe she isn’t the only virgin in the world, but indeed she is unblemished. What is the reason why someone would publicly inform the commercial media, the president and even the neighbouring countries about his own/someone’s virginity?

If she was this kind of a woman, then only one man – i.e. her husband – would need the information about her chastity. Or maybe, we should take the words of the announcer from the movie “Kabaret” (Eng. Cabaret) seriously, as he announced the young women from the music band: “They are all virgins… everyone can check it”. By the way let`s familiarize ourselves with the subject of “Mothers of Gods in Hinduism” Link

A bit different pattern, which is related to BW is so called: “Bald Dick – (later on referred to as BD)”. BD is kind of a male equivalent of BW. However, the women’s patterns refer rather to women’s expectations (her Soul’s) mainly in the sexual sphere. In contrast, male BD seems to refer to the individual character traits, of being a monster to yourself and to others. For that reason, in the Polish language, he is called a Dick MAN/SOUL/BEING with no sexual connotations.

The phenomenon of shaving women’s heads by themselves or by others is quite popular in the world, and below my article I quote a different article (copied from the Internet), in which you can read where and why it was or it is still practised.

And so, in our story, we came to the matter of the demand for such people i.e. all kinds of hidden or apparent BW. After all, men turn around to look at them in the streets.

For some time there has been a great and persisting demand for them. Where did they all come from? Of course, such quantity results from the fascination. Few men do not think about a women-goddess who only they could take into possession.

Many think that having a harem with such goddesses will add them splendor and improve their well-being.

However all those goddesses, sexual priestesses sometimes devoted hundreds of incarnations (of the Soul) to develop skills which surely have nothing to do with playing the ukulele or crocheting.

Almost none of the adorers of goddesses, women-mantises or witches see such patterns consciously, let alone the fact, that on the level of beloved women, they can have the look of a BW, i.e. no hair on their heads at all, and not only there.

Since we are not so much analysing people’s patterns, but rather their immortal Souls’ patterns, we have to always remember, that Souls (not people) incarnate in 2 different sexes, and that the things which were not well assimilated and understood by one of their bodily forms [woman/man] can strike them painfully with full power, as early as in the next incarnation.

Any attempt to discuss with gays about spirituality, the reasons of their own karma, about the reasons of their homosexuality, activates a supposed attack on THEIR freedom and results in you being accused of homophobia. Any suggestion of getting married is seen by gays as a sacrilege.

It is better not to suggest any of the above-mentioned things, because both: gays and lesbians, and not only them, could have picked up their tendencies from the excess (deficits) of sexual practices experienced in the BW incarnations.

Let’s assume, that a given man, has such a deep trauma against the sexuality of women, that it also affects his Soul. The Soul, using various intellectual combinations (or even without them – just look at what’s happening in their community), decide to avoid having sex with all BWs permanently, and by deduction chooses the experiences of a gay, because among other reasons, such a personality doesn’t have a vagina, doesn’t become pregnant etc.

In such case, it is blocked out of one’s consciousness, among other things, that the problem is in the given individual, not in the opposite sex.

The soul chooses male incarnations, but also keeps her tendency to date men, which comes from the time when she was a BW.

To let it happen, Souls of gays and lesbians manipulate the energies of their own personalities, and even if the energies are well harmonized a gay man’s heart chakra vibrates as a woman’s heart chakra (and respectively, a woman’s chakra vibrates as man’s chakra).

Energetically it looks like a metal wheel of a steam locomotive attached to a moving car with three standard wheels. Till the road is smooth, the cars moves well enough, but not too fast. On cobble streets, on uneven roads and on unevenly installed catch pits the car is being thrown left and right.

Such Souls are satisfied with it, and they claim that they express themselves in the best way through this steam locomotive wheel. But they don’t want to see the reasons – and here is the whole matter.

The article below was translated from it’s original Polish version: Link

Bald woman in history.

Who was the first bald woman in the history? Who knows?! Of course we need to look for them among the princesses and queens of Egypt in the times of pharaohs. About 5 thousand years ago, Egyptian women shaved their heads bald for sanitary reasons. Those sophisticated hairdos, which can bee seen in the illustrations, are simply their wigs. Under them there is bare and perfectly smooth skin. Female baldness was seen as a sign of nobility, maximal elegance, sophistication and femininity. Jewish women sacrificed their hair because of a great pain. Also a foreign woman, who was marrying a Jewish man, had to resign from her hair. For Jewish women, the loss of their hair, was seen as the most terrible punishment from God. If a woman committed adultery she had her hair cut. As historical sources have it, one elderly Christian martyr had her grey hair cut off, as an expression of contempt before her execution. In the 7th century a Christian woman from Cordoba, name Maria, was lashed with a whip, by the Muslims who were invading Spain, and her skin with hair fall off.

In ancient Sparta, governed by the severe laws of Lycurgus, in the day of the wedding reception, the bride had her head shaved to demonstrate that she resigns from seducing other men, and from all aspects of the worldly life, and from that moment she would start thinking only about her husband and their household. In the ancient world (Greece and Rome) there was a custom of pulling out hair or cutting off a few hair streaks in order to manifest pain and compassion. It is said, that when the Gauls threatened Rome in 390 B.C., women, en masse, ran to cut off their hair, to make ropes and lines from them. The Venere Calva temple memorializes this patriotic act. In different periods women had their hair cut bald for a different reason, i.e. to get rid of really bothersome lice.

Probably in the early medieval ages, women wearing their complicated bonnets and scarves were simply bald shaved. Only in the XI or XII century such bonnets and scarves disappeared, and women’s hair saw the light of day again. Also in the Middle Ages, full of superstitions, it was believed, that some evil and mysterious powers are hidden in woman`s’ hair, and for that reason witches were forced to tell the truth. They were shaved bald, to deprive them of all of their unnatural powers. It seems, that also in the 18th century, which was a period of colossal hairdos, ladies’ heads were shaved to protect them against lice.Women in different historical periods, and in various contexts were badly treated and severely punished for adultery by having their hair drastically cut off.

In Vienna under the Habsburgs monarchy, at the end of the 18th century, prostitutes were sentenced to exemplary public punishment for public indecency. After gathering them all on the public square, in front of the crowd and the judge, they had their hair cut off, starting from the top of the head. All the cut hair was gathered in order to manufacture wigs.Shaving one’s head was a cruel and derogatory sign, which accompanied many deportations of women to the nazi concentration camps. In France of the forties, in the time of the liberation of France by the Allies, the women who were unrightly sentenced under the pretext of sexual collaboration with the enemy (i.e. they had sex with the nazis), symbolize one of the less glorious and more problematic episodes of the contemporary history. Of course, it demonstrated control of men over the women’s bodies. Cutting off women’s hair accused of collaboration with the enemy, if it they were proven guilty of a punishable offense, was not only a punishment, but it was also a symbolical deprivation of femininity.

Therefore, such a punishment had a sexual undercurrent: women could be found guilty by men, even for accepting any contacts with the enemy (even for tidying up their houses).Just a few years ago, a woman who wanted to become a nun had her hair cut. It symbolized her farewell with both: the world and her sinful temptations, which she left in her hair. Today nuns can grow long hair.Women in some Asiatic countries and in villages in India and China, have been shaving their hair after losing their husbands for ages. You can tell the widow from other women by looking at her bald head.

In many African tribes women are shaved to look beautiful and seductive in men’s eyes. A bald shaved woman is regarded as attractive, sensual and charming.Often the hairy skin on the head, shaved in different parts, shows various shapes: a square, circle, rhombus, rectangle, arch, curve… Each geometric shape carries a different message. In some cultures and tribes, cutting off hair is the ritual of becoming an adult. In Equatorial and in Central and Eastern Africa women shave their heads for sanitary reasons and to express their mourning. The Maasai women decorate their bald heads with huge feathers.
The statistics for today show that India has the highest number of bald women in the world. Countless bald women shave their heads every year, go to temples and offer their cut hair to the deities of the Hindu pantheon.In the Far East, especially in Japan, Buddhist female clerics have their heads shaved during the initiation ceremony.For many years models and show business women have had their heads shaved, to look very original. The first bald model was Bibelot. She caused a scandal and she had to put a wig on her head. At that time Miss Calva (Miss Bald) contest was being organized, but sadly no participants took part in it. Hair is a true adornment of every woman, and we don’t want to resign from it.

Translated by Łukasz Szczęk
[email protected] 

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