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A Prayer Different From All Others
What has my Soul given me?

Write down on a piece of paper what Your Soul has given you.
Consider deeply how Your Soul has supported You in sex, in marriage, in finances, in your professional occupation.
Sometimes Soul has the impression that She has been working hard, that She has done a lot of work for her personality (for her avatar).
Sometimes a personality who works hard becomes a problem for his/her Soul.
Sometimes such cooperation resembles the scenario of the movie Ted.

The plot: John is 35 and he wants to settle down. However, he is always misguided by his teddy bear who came to life after John had made a wish in his childhood.
If we look at this from a different perspective, we can see Souls with their puppets – their earthly personalities (avatars).
John and Ted not only smoke marijuana but do other things. The Soul (John) is having sex with a woman, and his earthly personality (Ted, his teddy bear) complains that he didn’t receive a penis at the factory where he was made.

It’s a spitting image of a Soul having a rich sexual life but her earthly personality living in a monastery and even in celibacy.
There are more things shown in the movie.
I suggest answering the question “What has my Soul given me?” after watching the movie.
I am happy to put your answers and your opinions about it in the comments below.
Written by Sławomir Majda
Translated by Łukasz Szczęk [email protected]
If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us.
Original article: Link.

Opublikowano: 26/01/2018
Autor: s_majda


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