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A Prayer Different From All Others
Karma of a night and a ruler

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Leadership is one of the burdens of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACoA). Leadership does not only mean being a king, a ruler. It is also being in various religious and civil offices. Priests and high priests have civil authority and authority over the Souls. Every manager, supervisor, prison guard, foreman has authority. The range of possible burdens of a given Soul, avatar is an effect of his Soul’s former actions, and intentions which come with them.
The author of this publication is Wojtek Daszke e-mail: [email protected]

Each ruler who feels responsible for his subjects, has responsibilities towards his people, or suffers from guiltiness.

It doesn’t change much because in the past as a king, ruler, caesar he looked down on them. In the past he condemned them, treated them as is they were things not people, he took everything from them, because he thought he deserved everything on account of his birth. His actions caused much pain and suffering to others. Next, when he incarnated with the intention of redeeming his faults, again he downgraded other people, treating them as if they needed help, as if they were helpless. Sometimes he even “worked his guts out” doing that.

The karma of a king, queen, cesar, ruler (aristocracy) displayed in my life in this way:

I deserve everything from my partner. I can behave capriciously.
I treat my partner as a money bank – “I’m with you not to care about prices of things”
There are problems with your own financial independence
Blockades of actions in the matter. During a regression session tetany may appear on your limbs, there can be blockades on your shoulders, hands.

Each cesar was born by cesarean section which resulted in his impression that he deserved everything and he had to have all his jobs done by others. It causes some weird reactions, like expecting that things will be done by themselves.

When you get things done at the office you may have a feeling that the clerk is looking down at you – it may be a karmic result of Your Soul’s previous actions as a ruler.
You may look down at people who are poorer than You, at less educated people.

In conclusion:
Karma of a king is a problem when you act in the material world, especially when you have a managerial position in your work.

Written by Wojciech Daszke [email protected]

Edited and Translated by Łukasz Szczęk [email protected]

If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us. Original article: Link

Opublikowano: 07/12/2017
Autor: s_majda


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