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A Prayer Different From All Others
About me

I owe my professional work and incomes to God has who listened to my prayers. I owe my health to God who has listened to my prayers. I owe peace in all my personal relations to God who has listened to my prayers. I share information about everything I have achieved in my experiences, I share this knowledge with all those who are walking in the same direction. On my way I sometimes used hypnotic regression, and and the knowledge I gained is also partly described here. Among other things, on this page You will find: – prayers to the only God (prayers which are a bit different than all others) – prayers aimed at healing your own Soul, which allow you to make contact with your Soul and get together well with her. – prayers for women who are still single – prayers, not to Angels, but rather helping you reveal your own angelic powers which we posses – prayers for people involved in prostitution or military service – memories from Tibet, also a bit different ones You can contact me on skype: Localisation: Poland

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