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A Prayer Different From All Others

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Intentions of immigration and emigration
I bow before God to thank him
What has my Soul given me?
Trances of suffering. A liberating prayer.
Creativity of your Soul. A prayer.
I have terminated all harmful agreements, contracts and obligations
Sci vias Domini (Learn the ways of Lord) – A prayer
I and my Soul accept and receive everything from God
A prayer in a form of announcement.
God, free my own Soul from material and astral worlds. A prayer.
Karma of a night and a ruler
Earning money with closed chakras
Untying tied wings. A liberating prayer.
Discussions with your own Soul
Freeing yourself from Buddhism
300 legal Jesus Christ’s wives have been living in Poland since 2017
I have given back to God all His matters. A prayer.
Gifts from God
Clairvoyance. A purifying prayer.
Awakening of Soul.
Unkind attitude of God towards me and towards my Soul. Liberating affirmations.
A medal made of a carrot.
Fairy-tale homosexuals; hobbits, dwarves, gnomes etc.
Liberation from the influence of Belial and his astral groups. A prayer.
Liberation from the influence of the Soul of Satan, Lucifer, Hades and Yama (a Hindu god of death). A liberating prayer.
Liberation from the influence of the Soul of Bacchus, Dionysos, Hermes. A liberating prayer.
Drunken brotherhood. A liberating prayer.
God, send me where You want. Affirmations.
A slave of his own ideas. A prayer.
Black outfits, black clothes. Liberating affirmations.
I act at the level of God’s light. A prayer.
I can talk to God. Affirmations.
God, what do You expect from me? A prayer.
Friendship with God is priceless. A prayer.
Narcotic-alcoholic astral. A liberating prayer.
Every moment without disease is valuable and precious.
All those who occluded God and His light. A liberating prayer.
Burdens, anguishes, duties. A liberating prayer.
Lord of Great Lords, King of Kings. A prayer.
Marriage protected by God.
Great things, kindnesses given by God. A prayer.
Cleansing the third eye. A prayer.
In my heart there is always place for love. Affirmations.
I am not God. A prayer.
God in the last place.
I experience God through my own heart.
God, teach me how to talk with You.
Black energies. A liberating prayer.
Multitude of my faults. A prayer.
I have commended to God all those who followed me.
Tantra and black tantra. A liberating prayer.
Professional work – A prayer.
God is the only God – A prayer.
Writing letters to God.
Magic rings worn by healers.
Using a Magrav Unit for central heating in a detached house and in a flat.
Bałwochwalstwo, w zależności od….(intencje do przemodlenia)
Love to God. Prayer.
I can hear the voice of God in my heart. A prayer.
My former thrones. A liberating prayer.
The violet flame – How to become free from it
Magrav and heatlth pens. A protective Prayer.
Destructive influences of pyramids. A liberating prayer.
Chiefs and commanders. A liberating prayer.
The will of God. A prayer.
A judge and mercy. A prayer.
God, I apologize for… A prayer.
What about the violation of the third commandment?
Once more important for me than God. A liberating prayer.
Cleansing the third eye. A prayer.
They have left me… A prayer.
A request for God’s intervention.
God, I am worthy that You… A prayer.
White astral – its structure and its genesis.
Abundance, material and spiritual wealth.
White astral – A liberating prayer
A pimp, a brothel mum. A prayer liberating from addictions.
Idolatry. A prayer freeing from idolatry.
Liberation from suffering, part 2. A prayer.
Substitutes of the word “God” which introduce confusion and chaos.
God, provide for me. A prayer.
A prayer in a form of a statement.
Materialization of Light. A prayer.
Cleansing the chakra channel – A workshop prayer.
Marital and extramarital betrayals. A prayer.
Soul catchers. A liberating prayer.
Astral and Earthly hells. A liberating prayer.
Sathya Sai Baba and his Soul.
Harmony and order in me. A prayer.
God, use me.
Known and unknown incarnations. A prayer liberating from patterns, illusions and codings.
I have commended lunatics and soulcatchers to God.
Becoming free from the guardians from Tibet.
Souls used to read me like a book.
Beings of God’s light.
Energetic manacles and handcuffs on hands and feet.
God’s plan for me. Prayer.
I have nothing to do with it. An affirmation.
Marijuana and opium in human energies. Patterns of burdens.
Atlantis and its patterns. A Liberating prayer.
The heavenly language of God and Souls.
Ocenianie innych po błędach, w zależności od….(intencje do przemodlenia)
Instructions from God. A prayer.
What’s the best way I can work for God?
The Brightness of God. A prayer.
Fools and idiots. A liberating prayer.
Blackness and freeing yourself from blackness. A liberating prayer.
Guardian angel, Spiritual guide.
An Adult Child of Alcoholics. A prayer.
Planet Earth. A prayer.
Those are happy, who know about God. A prayer.
Adult Children of Alcoholic – a meditation. A workshop work with affirmations on drug and alcohol addictions.
Untying tied wings. A Liberating prayer.
Deficits of internal light. A Liberating prayer.
Libations. A prayer liberating from their effects.
I lack nothing, because You are with me. Affirmations.
Psalm 161. A priest of God.
Lies. A prayer.
God is Lightness. A prayer.
God’s duties towards me. Affirmations.
Earth is full of God’s goodness. A prayer.
I have trusted God. A prayer.
Here and now. A prayer
Psalm 163 A Cherub
God, where will You lead me?
Life in constant danger. Liberating affirmations.
A marriage protected by God. A prayer.
I have forgiven the prophet. A prayer.
Karmic patterns of angelic Souls.
Life for God. A prayer.
God as my companion. A prayer.
Joy – a prayer.
God perceived as too distant. A prayer.
Fear of opening the heart to God. A liberating prayer.
Stinky vaginas of some women.
Prostitutes with shaved heads.
Horned Souls. Patterns of astral horns on heads.
Cosmic Mothers of Gods – what does the ascetic dream of?
The smell (stench) of knights and soldiers.
The breastplates of mothers of gods
Breasts of the divine mothers’ in media, press and television
Test – The Lack of orgasm during intercourse in married women.
Wooden vagina of some women.
Three headed deities. Religious cults in our modern times and antiquity.
God is literal in what he does, and the results of it. Examples of various people’s inventive ways of autodestruction.
Test Following the patterns of a mantis
How and why the Vows of Amitabha should not be made and implemented? Film.
Burning Karma out using Divine Light
Beam of Divine Light over Our Heads
Request for God’s Judgement. Prayer
The modernized and revized version of the Bhagavad Gita … the song of the soul
The Day of Faith. Affirmations.
The law of grace. The prayer.
Healing the relationship with another person by the bow- the exercise
Psalm 160
Prayer for Releasing HIV / AIDS.
The 51st Psalm of David in two versions of the text, original and modernized.
The spine and severe pregnancies and childbirths. Liberating prayer
My light path. Prayer
Contemporary Huna and misinformation about the Higher Self, Lower Self, subconsciousness, God, soul, personality
When I am ready for change. Prayer
Unlocking the heart by God. Liberating prayer.
Bow in a technique of B. Hellinger`s family placing
Writing Letters to God
Test. My soul is….?
I sought for You God. Prayer
Buddhist Mantra for exchange. Prayer
Humility before God. Prayer
What kind of positive power does my soul have? Prayer
The Planet Earth. Prayer
I dwell in the flow of God`s Grace. Prayer
I was playing the zither for God. Prayer .
My man. A prayer for subjugated women.
Exploring test to define the state of Angelic wings
Divine Light. Prayer.
I knock at Your door, God.
From the height I call to you, God
Brighter than thousands of suns