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A Prayer Different From All Others
Stinky vaginas of some women.

While surfing the Internet for topic-related information I found the following warning:
[…]By all means, avoid impostors who heal with a touch of their hands within 1-5 minutes, as they are conmen who have no idea about bioenergy therapy. A proper bioenergy treatment, at the beginning of the therapy, usually lasts approximately 1-2 hours, and in the ending period of the therapy at least 20-30 minutes!
Do not be fooled and always remember to put up higher resistance against frauds, who sometimes give natural medicine bad press! […]
In order not to come out as a conman, I will bring up the idea, that some women aren’t comfortable with the smell of their vaginas and I shall point out the potential reasons of it, and let you think about this matter in the tranquility of your homes.
Acidity of the vaginal environment and variable menstrual cycle are two generally known ideas, and I won’t be talking about them.
Some percent of women, who care about their intimate hygiene, intensively emit such an unpleasant smell, that it could be called stench or foul odor.
Over the time, such women, who got used to such smell, may not even realize that it is disgusting for their men.
The matter lies not in men’s tastes and specific smell preferences, but probably in the very Souls of those women.
I would recommend reading the article: “What is the natural smell of a deity”?Link
Stink/foul odor or fetor of a woman’s vagina may have physiological background. Here, I suggest going to a therapy to a medical clinic. However, if the reason is spiritual, we have to reach its essence, i.e. patterns of actions and burdens of the immortal Soul itself.
Let’s ask ourselves the question: what is the reason why a man is warned by such smells, not go “this way”, i.e. not to have sex with the given lady.
This way is dangerous for you and it even stinks in here – why you don’t feel it? What makes you get used to such stench? What is it that you don’t want to know about yourself, despite the fact that the stench of this particular vagina takes your breath away during your sexual ecstasy?
In each individual case the answer may be different, and I suggest asking God about it in prayer.
However, there’s a general idea which comes to my mind, and I ask the people concerned, to take my suggestions only as an inspiration to gather information on your own.
My first association is the licentiousness of a woman. There’s an opinion, that one organ never wears out, especially in case of prostitutes or wives who cheat on their husbands.
It is however possible, that if a given woman sleeps not only with her husband, but also with “a bus full of her lovers” it has some negative influence on the sphere of her sexual hygiene.
And what if it touches all sorts of ascetic women? Therefore, we should ask God what is His opinion about the asceticism, as well as what is the opinion of a given ascetic woman’s Soul. We should ask if such Soul practises her asceticism in, among other places, so called astral “clubs”.
It is also possible that the woman’s Soul is a deviant.
The Soul may also have zoophilia tendencies. If the Soul has a human incarnation only from time to time, and she mainly prefers sex with, among other animals, sheep, goats, hens, then we have to understand, that sexually excited animals smell in their own way, but not like humans.
I we were fluent in this subject matter, and if we knew all veterinary matters, then we could probably determine, who likes animals, and what kind of animals he/she prefers and resembles their smell.
However, as I mentioned before, it would be easier to ask God.

Translated by Łukasz Szczęk
[email protected]

Opublikowano: 11/08/2016
Autor: s_majda


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