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A Prayer Different From All Others
Earning money with closed chakras

Earning money with closed chakras

“What can you tell me about this poor man? “ I once asked one of my friends who was a clairvoyant.
“He’s a rich man.” – He responded.
I was surprised, as I knew that this person was really poor. His flat was decorated in the style of the 80s. He used to wear black, new clothes. His chattels didn’t include even a bike. He could afford bread with butter, clothes and his rent.
Where does this wealth (mentioned by the clairvoyant) come from? From things such as: a legal vodka trade, smuggling etc.
This person didn’t use to show his sources of income, therefore he had to hide his wealth. He was kind of a debtor who was hiding his wealth before a debt collector. Officially he didn’t have anything valuable for himself and for other people.

His energies didn’t represent the vibrations of abundance.

His heart was blocked because of dealing with vodka trade, his upper chakras were closed as he didn’t use to pray. His lower chakras were blocked for manifesting an abundant life.
A friend of mine used to admire a married couple of creative restaurant owners. He used to say: “When they walk together, they sweep Earth with their lower chakras”.
I asked him about their hearts and higher chakras. “Their in bad condition” – He responded.

Because the hearts were closed and the upper chakras did not work properly, the ethics and minds of those people malfunctioned. As in the example mentioned in the first part of the text, we have an example of a fortune based on… let’s say vodka trade. In the owner’s office there’s a wardrobe with a rifle in it. Officially it was for birds, but his hidden motivation of having it was to protect his fortune. He also had a number of pit bull dogs to protect his property at night.
Now Let’s take a look at well-known actors and actresses with the karma of a tantric deity. Their lower chakras are usually beautifully open, and such people have a great charm. They make their money on their beauty, sex, by selling their beauty and body, by selling themselves in a sense. And what about their hearts and higher chakras? It’s the same as with actors’ fidelity.
Making money with closed lower chakras or making money with a closed heart brings suffering, limitations and a need to get rid of money earned in such way. What is the benefit of having a fortune that you have to hide or protect with a weapon in your hand?

Here some other examples of earning money with closed chakras and with a blocked heart.
Army. Through thousands of ages soldiers earned for themselves and for their families by taking goods from those who they killed. The more he worked he more earnt. Today in Poland there are only regular soldiers. Some of them can earn great amounts of money only when they are sent to military missions to other countries.
Prostitution. Money earned in such a way quickly becomes impure.
Vodka trade, drug dealing etc.
Selling false information.
Selling divinity, selling devotional items
Thievery, banditry

Former Buddhist monks, former Christian hermits also try to earn money with their chakras closed. Because it is impossible to make one’s living in a decent way by begging in the streets, therefore sometimes in order to survive they have to deal with vodka trade or serve in the army.

Written by Sławomir Majda
Translated by Łukasz Szczęk [email protected]

If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us. Original article: link

Opublikowano: 04/12/2017
Autor: s_majda


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