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A Prayer Different From All Others
Freeing yourself from Buddhism

A house, where my Soul’s earthly avatar used to live, was once visited by Buddha Gautama. I didn’t recall what the discussion was about. I don’t know what he did at that time. I also don’t know if he initiated me. What I know is that he reduced the number of incarnations for my Soul that she needed to abreact. A few days before his death, at the end of his earthly journey he came to me, according to the agreement made many incarnations before. I found out that my Soul had five incarnations in Buddhism – they partly resulted from declaiming Mahābhārata.
My liberation from Buddhism started in my Soul’s last incarnation in Tibet, about 300 years ago, where I commended to God all my vows and renounced all my functions. The truth was that until year 2001 I didn’t achieve much more than my Soul’s pressure not to incarnate there anymore. What stayed with me was my attraction to poverty, suffering and misery.
If you work intensively with prayers you can become free from those energies within a few years. All you have to do is:
1. Realize who, when and why encouraged us to take the path of Buddhism, the path of Bodhisattva. As for me the second one was more important.
2. Find the source of wealth and financial support in God, without any delusions. It means the end to begging parents for money etc
3. End up the path of a soldier and a warrior once and for all.
4. Free yourself from intentions of being a savior of people and world.
5. Free yourself from intentions of Bodhisattva
6. Create and maintain proper relations in your own marriage (family)

Written by Sławomir Majda
Translated by Łukasz Szczęk [email protected]

If you spot any mistakes in the translation or if you have any comments or questions in connection with the article please contact us.

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Opublikowano: 30/11/2017
Autor: s_majda


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